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Rich People Convinced Chevy Truck Prices Can Go Higher

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Are we talking six figures here?

In case you haven't noticed, the price tags for full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks has dramatically increased over the past several years. This happened not solely because of demand but rather due to the transformation of pickups into fully-fledged luxury vehicles. A huge chunk of features found in luxury sedans is now available in trucks, as well as SUVs. Automakers love this formula because of high-profit margins.

To date, the most expensive pickup is a fully-loaded Ford F-250 Limited, all yours for $97,000, if not more. The Detroit Bureau, however, has learned from Chevrolet truck's marketing chief, Sandor Piszar, that this figure will go even higher. How much more? Try around the $100,000 mark. That's right. Six figures for a Chevy truck. Who would have ever thought? "People want to trade up," Piszar said at a media event for the all-new 2020 Chevy Silverado HD line. "If customers want a more expensive truck" than what Chevy already offers, "we'll deliver it."

Piszar refused to directly comment whether a $100,000 version of the Silverado is planned, only adding that "Chevy wants to provide what customers are asking for." Okay, so let's say a $100k Silverado, likely an HD variant, comes to fruition. What about its sister ship, the GMC Sierra HD Denali? Already more expensive, could a future ultra-luxurious variant go as high as, perhaps, $120,000? We wouldn't rule anything out. As customers continue to trade in their luxury sedans for pickup trucks of all sizes, Chevy, like all other brands, will satiate demand.

It's also worth noting that although the entry-level $29,795 (plus a $1,495 delivery fee) Silverado 1500 exists, Chevy has noticed fewer buyers are opting for this. They want features and are willing to pay for them, hence the decision to currently offer eight unique light-duty variants and five versions of the new 2020 HD trucks.

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Powertrain options, such as the new 3.0-liter diesel V6, continue to expand. Options like the new "transparent trailer" mode, which allows drivers to see through the trailer to see upcoming traffic, further boost profits. Auto Trends Consulting told The Detroit Bureau the typical Chevy pickup has at least a $10,000 profit margin.

Imagine what the profit would be like on a $100k ultra-luxury Chevy or GMC truck. General Motors is surely already doing the calculations.