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Rich People Problem: Tesla Model S Vs. Cadillac ELR

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If only life were this simple.

So you've got plenty of dough to burn and you're tired of buying artwork for investment purposes. Time to get a set of wheels with real style. But oh, no, you can't buy anything that's bad for the environment. Save the whales, the rainforest, the chickens (no offense, KFC). And because you also want, no, need to make a fashion statement, there are only two luxury environmentally friendly cars to choose from: the Tesla Model S and the Cadillac ELR.

You like the Model S, but you're concerned about its battery going kaput on the way home from the golf course. How inconvenient would that be? The ELR also looks great and can run on electric power if you wanted it too. But then again, it's based on a Chevrolet Volt. Yeah, a Chevy. Pretty blue collar embarrassing. So what's it going to be? A sleek and sexy pure EV or a plug-in hybrid with a Chevy first cousin?

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