Rich Silicon Valley Town Ponders Tesla Police Cars

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Unless they can find a car that runs on champagne, presumably.

It is often said that the Tesla Model S is the darling of the Silicon Valley set, and if you've ever doubted this, the town of Atherton, California, stands as proof. The average house price in the town is $6.65 million, and it is here that the Model S is the top selling car. The San Jose Mercury News recently quoted the town's police chief as saying that he'd "love to see the Model S be used for Atherton's police cars", a statement which actually makes sense in this case.

For a big city, the drawbacks of a Tesla police car would likely outweigh the positives, but Atherton has a solid case. The small town (they don't even have a grocery store) doesn't need police cars to cover huge distances, the Model S is also RWD and made in America, things police forces like. But most important, the combination of the quiet drivetrain and the fact that it's such a common vehicle there already gives it an enormous stealth advantage over any other car. And then, of course, there is the fact that Atherton has so much money that price really isn't an issue for them.

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