Rich Soccer Moms: Lexus NX Vs. BMW X1

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For when the plain old Ford Escape will no longer do.

Crossovers today are what SUVs were over a decade ago. Before SUVs there was the minivan, and before that the station wagon. And because CUVs are now hot sellers, luxury automakers also want a piece of the action. The average Ford Escape just won't do for some people anymore. They want something more luxurious, something with real brand prestige. That's where the familiar BMW X1 and all-new Lexus NX come into play.

Both are premium crossovers that aren't too big or too small. They fit the bill just right. Yes, the Lexus is the new kid in town, but the BMW has proven itself to be an excellent all-around daily driver and then some. The NX may have more controversial styling, but that's not to say it's ugly. It's just different and proudly so. The X1 is somewhat more conservative inside and out, something that's appealing to many. So, would you opt for the new Lexus NX or stick with the Audi Q5? Let us know in the comments and poll ahead.


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