Richard Hammond Isn't Angry About The UK's Gasoline And Diesel Ban

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The world isn't coming to an end. Far from it, says the guy who just crashed an EV.

Many were taken by surprise when the British government announced the other day its plan to ban all new gasoline and diesel vehicles beginning in 2040. Yes, that's 23 years from now, but there's already been some outcry, such as that coming from Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer. Palmer, and many others, are rightly concerned about how this announcement will affect business economics in the short-term, but others, such as Richard Hammond, are viewing this decision as a huge opportunity.

In a blog post on Drivetribe, the currently semi-crippled Hammond points out that, when reflecting on history, the internal combustion engine "was a fad, a passing phase. The V8, the straight 6, the flat four; they were Beatles haircuts, soda streams and loon pants - no more permanent than a pop song…It was a social mover and shaker like no other. Its oily gyrations powered not just our cars but the inspiration behind music, poetry, literature and art. And now its execution date has been announced." However, Hammond isn't outright complaining. He's making a point in that "(the internal combustion engine) was dying anyway.

Advances in battery technology are being shoved along by the power of commerce - a far mightier engine than the internal combustion one it will replace." And you know what, he's right. This coming from the guy who was nearly killed in a crash while driving an EV (a very powerful Rimac Concept_One, mind you). Still, Hammond's point is that the car, even the high performance car, isn't going anywhere. It's just changing, and people, generally speaking, initially fear change. As for Hammond's health, he wrote this blog post just before heading to the doctor to find out when he can start driving again. Good luck, Hamster, and thanks for the reassurance that our beloved car is going to be just fine.

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