Richard Hammond Knife Fights In The Next Episode Of 'The Grand Tour'

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And James May shoots cars up. This will be awesome!

To say that we were impressed by the first episode of "The Grand Tour" would be an understatement. Despite a bit of initial wonkiness-the show's bits needed to be introduced after all-we were quite pleased with what Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May managed to put together. Then again, we didn't expect anything less from the trio…and the dump truck full of cash that Amazon gave them. Anyway, while the first episode was great we're really, really looking forward to the second after seeing this trailer.

In it we see James May cruising around in an Audi S8 and firing an assault rifle (gun nuts: confirm or deny). There is also some stunt drifting and what looks to be a knife fight involving Richard Hammond.

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Episode two of "The Grand Tour" was filmed in two locales: Johannesburg, South Africa, and the desert kingdom of Jordan. Up until now we didn't know that episodes would be filmed in two places. We like that idea a lot, especially since some locations may not contain enough to do when it comes to filling an entire episode. This episode looks a little more action-y so those of you who love when the trio does straight-up car stuff may be a bit disappointed. Actually, scratch that. How could James May firing a gun disappoint anyone?!

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