Richard Hammond's Crash Is Now Being Investigated By The FIA

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The motorsport governing organization wants answers.

It would be a mistake to assume that last week's crash involving The Grand Tour co-host Richard Hammond and the Rimac Concept One he was driving wouldn't be investigated. Of course it has to be, and not only by Rimac, who we rightly assume is eager to figure out what went wrong. According to Motorsport, the FIA has now requested information regarding the circumstances of Hammond's crash in the $1 million all-electric supercar on that Swiss hillclimb course.

As everyone surely knows by now, Hammond managed to escape the inverted Rimac only moments before it burst into flames. He's currently recovering from knee surgery in a Swiss hospital surrounded by lovely Swiss nurses. Motorsport says that Auto Sport Schweiz officially confirmed the FIA's investigation. "This accident tainted the reputation of motorsports in general and mountain races in particular, and the FIA has been forced to demand an opinion from Auto Sport Schweiz," so says the official statement. "Our association is obliged to examine the events in detail, and to initiate disciplinary proceedings. As this is an ongoing process, we cannot provide any further information to third parties at this time."

The FIA is particularly interested as to why the Rimac was going too fast to make the left-hand bend right after the finish line. Hammond and his co-hosts, Jeremy Clarkson and James May, were filming "show runs" just prior to the start of the Swiss Hillclimb Championship. None of them were actual participants. Hammond was in the Rimac while Clarkson and May were in a Lamborghini Aventador S and Acura NSX, respectively. Hammond was going for some additional shots when the crash occurred. Was this a case of driver error or something mechanical? A combination of both? The answer should arrive fairly soon.

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