Richard Hammond's Crash Will Feature In The Grand Tour Season 2 Opener

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Will the first episode of The Grand Tour season two live up to last year's strong season one opener?

The wait is nearly over. On December 8, Clarkson, Hammond and May will be back on our screens in the long-awaited second season of The Grand Tour. Judging from the rousing trailer, season two of Amazon’s globe-trotting car show looks very promising, featuring a selection of cars that has us salivating. However, as we know from Clarkson’s recent behind the scenes account, the making of The Grand Tour season two was challenging to say the least and fraught with setbacks.

All three presenters were hospitalized during the making of the show. Poor Richard Hammond was also involved in not one but two accidents. By far the most talked about scene in the new season is Richard Hammond’s near-fateful crash in the Rimac Concept One, where he rolled over the electric supercar during a Switzerland hillclimb event. Luckily, he managed to escape before it burst into flames, but was left with a fractured knee. According to Amazon’s official synopsis, we’ll get to see Hammond’s Rimac crash in the first episode of The Grand Tour season two. Footage will be limited however, since the in-car cameras were destroyed.

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Like season one which opened with a comparison between the hypercar holy trinity, season two’s first episode will feature a comparison between three supercars representing the past, present and future. Shown in new official photos, Clarkson will drive a V12-powered Lamborghini Aventador S, while May will be testing a hybrid Acura NSX and Hammond will of course be driving the all-electric Rimac Concept One to represent the future of supercars. “Along the way, the boys test manoeuvrability and straightline speed before taking part in a hillclimb event with an unexpectedly dramatic ending,” the synopsis explains.

Celebrities will also return in a new segment called Celebrity Face Off replacing the poorly received Celebrity Brain Crash in which celebrities “died” before making it to the studio. In episode one, America's Got Talent judge will compete against against Ricky Wilson from The Voice UK out on the track. The American racing driver also won’t be returning in season two, but we still don’t know who will be replacing him.