Richard Hammond's Modified Wheelchair Is A Stroke Of Genius

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So simple it's brilliant: the twin crutch conversion.

Richard Hammond is home safe and sound following a near death crash in Switzerland while piloting a Rimac Concept One all-electric hypercar. While the circumstances of the crash are still being investigated, the Hamster is recuperating in the comfort of his own home while his The Grand Tour co-hosts, Jeremy Clarkson and James May, continue with season two production. But Hammond's problem right now is that he can't walk, let alone drive, because of the surgery required to fix his fractured knee.

He has two personal transportation options: crutches and an electric wheelchair. The problem with the latter was that there wasn't a place to store his crutches. If he left them behind and went somewhere in the chair, he'd be stranded to sitting on his ass. Fortunately, a solution was found: the twin crutch electric wheelchair.

Hammond wrote on his Drivetribe blog that with the help of his friend Charlie, who "did the dangerous cutting bits, claiming that with (Hammond's) accident record his nerves couldn't stand the sight of (him) with a saw," the twin crutch scabbard was born. Requiring only unused drainpipe, cable ties and a saw, Hammond has definitely stumbled upon a brilliant idea. Hang in there, Richard. We know you're bored, but it looks like you're managing to keep yourself entertained (and out of harm's way).

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