Richard Hammond's Morgan Aeromax is For Sale (Again)

Yes, you can sit your ass where "The Hamster" sat his.

A few years ago, Top Gear host Richard Hammond bought himself something quite special, a Morgan Aeromax. Just 100 examples were built between 2008 and 2009. Hammond was the car’s first owner, but later sold it to pro superbike racer Chris Vermuelen, who lives in Australia. The car remains there today. What’s particularly interesting about it is that it’s right-hand drive and has a six-speed manual, a rare combo for an already extremely rare car.

Power comes from a BMW-built 4.8-liter V8. There’s just 5,200 miles on the odometer and is in overall pristine condition. Do remember, however, that Hammond once got into a minor accident with it while behind the wheel. It’s fair to assume repairs were made. This car was also featured in the book "Top Gear Supercars: The World’s Fastest Cars." The asking price, in Australian dollars, is $265,000. Not a bad find, but if you want to get it out of Australia, it’ll certainly cost you.

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