Richard Hammond's Oliver May Make His Return On The Grand Tour

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Who needs a Ferrari when you could have... OLIVER!

Amazon is currently filming the third season of The Grand Tour, which means Clarkson, May, and Hammond have been traveling around the world to drive various cars. In our world of social media, the GT trio has been already been spotted driving three new muscle cars in Detroit, and tempting fate in Scotland with three old Italian sports cars. Now, footage has been taken of what looks like another segment for this upcoming season of The Grand Tour.

The scene features Richard Hammond and James May, though Jeremy Clarkson appears to be absent. Ferrari F1 driver Sebastian Vettel can be seen talking to May, while Hammond stands off to the side with a very special car.

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Yep, that's right, it's Oliver. Fans of the old Top Gear will remember the Botswana special, where Richard Hammond fell in love with his 1963 Opel Kadett that he affectionately named Oliver. Hammond fell so in love with the car, that he had it shipped back to his home in England. We aren't sure why Oliver would be used alongside James May's personal Ferrari 458 Speciale, but perhaps the segment is about trying to convince Vettel who has the better road car. May's Ferrari may be rare and valuable, but we'll take Oliver any day of the week. Another possibility is that the trio was simply filming a commercial for Shell gas, which would also make sense.

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