Rick Ross Teams Up With Artist To Create Trippy Porsche 911

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And it's being auctioned off in the real world and as an NFT.

The car and art worlds have collided on several occasions over the years. Subtle design elements can be artistic, but using a car as a canvas to dump paint all over can be seen as literal art. Take this collaboration between auto designer-turned-artist Rich B. Caliente and musician Rick Ross: a hand-painted Porsche 911 that features a trippy Kaleidoscopic paint job. Not only does this one-of-a-kind Porsche feature an interesting paint job, but it will go on sale in the physical world, as well as the digital as an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT). This package deal will be auctioned from June 4 with bids starting at $305,911.

Rich B. Caliente
Rich B. Caliente

The Porsche 911 is as iconic as they come, and this car's silhouette is recognizable by even the most uninformed. The Porsche 911 is also no stranger to the world of art, and cars such as Janis Joplin's psychedelic 356 have lit up the art world. Caliente believes that this project is at the intersection of art, technology, and automotive design, and will be the first time that a minted NFT artwork will come with a car included.

The paint job took two weeks to complete and involved partially disassembling the car before adding the trippy splatters and drips. Caliente chose this Jackson Pollock-inspired method, in combination with vivid colors such as Tiffany Blue and bright yellow to create a striking artwork that is a feast for the eyes. The interior remains relatively untouched but does feature some custom floor mats with Rick Ross's 2021 Album title Richer Than I've Ever Been. Under the hood of this custom 911 sits the standard 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine.

Rich B. Caliente
Rich B. Caliente

This car will be offered in digital form, which is a first for Caliente, and the world. "To me, it's very important to have something tangible," Caliente recently told Robb Report. "So it's kind of like my twist on an NFT, where you have something that's a digital capsule, but you also have something that can be enjoyed in real life." The special auction will be held by NFT management consultancy Slashdot, and bids will be accepted in Ethereum. The starting bid of $305,911 represents Miami's area code and the model code for the ultimate Porsche. The physical art car will make its debut at the 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami from June 4 to 5.

Rich B. Caliente
Source Credits: Rob Report

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