Ride A Lap With Didier Grams on his BMW S 1000 RR at Macau and You'll Feel as Crazy as He Is

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Well, at the least you will feel how crazy he is.

It's a toss up between F1 and MotoGP for craziest sport on the planet. There should be little doubt that these are both in the top two but after seeing this video, we are leaning a bit toward MotoGP in the number 1 spot. We are taken along on the backend view of German racer Didier Grams's BMW 1000 RR as he completes a lap around Macau. Macau in general is probably not the easiest place to drive, and especially not on a superbike going 180 MPH.

Usually the driver's point of view is quite effective demonstrating how brave these guys have to be to compete. But this view does an especially good job at showing how insanely close to ground and to the wall Didier gets when going through turns. The icing on the cake is when he lets out the throttle, hitting the straights at full blast.

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