Ride Along in McLaren F1 Proves Supercar Icon Remarkably Usable, Also Provides a Bit of History

Not to worry, there's plenty of glorious engine noise as well.

This video will be a bit different from a lot of the supercar ride along videos you will have seen, but that’s not a bad thing. Usually, these videos are nothing but engine noise and high speeds, and although this isn’t completely without those things, there's a bit more to it. The owner is taking the car on a lot of normal roads, and even over speed bumps, showing it can be driven on small Euorpean roads, and he also talks about the car’s features.

The video shows that, as bizarre as the interior layout might be, it’s a pretty user friendly car. The driver is one Sir Simon Kidston, we don’t actually know who that is, but from the sound of his accent, he must be very old British money.

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