Riding on a Wet Aircraft Carrier

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Pirelli launches its latest motorcycle tires on the deck of an Italian aircraft carrier.

Pirelli makes tires for all sorts of vehicles: cars, trucks, racing, motorbikes… its latest release for the latter is the Angel GT, a sport touring tire which Pirelli has designed for superior wet track. But it isn't about to ask us to take it at its word. To demonstrate the rubber, Pirelli placed multiple Superbike champ Max Biaggi atop what appears to be a Kawasaki Z1000 one-liter sport bike (shod, of course, with Angel GTs) on the Italian Navy's aircraft carrier Cavour, and soaked the flight deck with water.

Biaggi accelerated up to 62 mph then hit the brakes at the designated braking point and brought the bike to a smooth and stable stop, short of catapulting Top Gun-style off the ramp and into the port of Taranto. Check out the promotional footage below to see how it went down.

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