Riding Shotgun In An Airborne Lamborghini

Even more amazing than the air time is the fact the car was fine afterwards.

After not one but two incidents where a Mercedes-Benz CLR became airborne at Le Mans in 1999, the car was never raced again, and changes were also made to the track. But similar incidents at the Automotodrom Slovakia Ring haven’t resulted in any changes to the hump which has caused numerous mid- and rear-engine cars to lift off, and at least one end-over-end flip in the style of the now very famous Le Mans CLR crash.

The video here is in-car footage of a Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, belonging to Austria’s Grasser Racing, getting some serious air on the hump in the track. Miraculously, the car fared better than some, and was able to keep right on going.

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