Riding the Well of Death is as Crazy as it Sounds

Some have died doing this, countless more have been injured. For these guys, its just another day at the office.

If you have ever had the pleasure of driving or being driven in India, you know how crazy the drivers are. But when the drivers want to see crazy they travel to Allahabad to see the daredevils ride the Well of Death. An infamous attraction, the well features 20 foot high walls of wood where one riders perform a myriad of death defying stunts on old cars and motorcycles. Death defying is not an exaggeration, many have died performing for the audience who pay less than $1 to see the show.

Though most of the team of riders are young men, one woman, Pooja Rathod, 20, is the only woman brave enough (or insane enough) to perform the breath taking stunts. She has suffered broken legs and arms, but continues because she loves the feeling of dazzling her audience. That she does indeed!

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