Riding This 1k HP Golf Requires Balls of Steel

This insane drag car will drain the color from your face quicker than a blood-sucking vampire.

Building on the excellent work it did with the second-gen Golf it turbocharged to over 900 horsepower, German tuning mentalists Boba Motoring has created something even more terrifying – a Mk1 Golf with over 1,000 horses. That’s around ten times more than the stock’s 1.8-liter four-pot was built to churn out. The 16Vampir, named after the monstrous Garrett GTX4202R turbocharger that sends the mill into overdrive via a reworked 16-valve KR head, check out the insane creation being put through its paces.

Just watching it is scary enough; riding shotgun must require a big pair of cojones. But that’s what Boba Motoring are all about. And we salute them for it.

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