Rimac Automobili Over 1,000HP EV Concept One Preview

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Croatia's first car manufacturer is coming out with a 1,000hp-plus electric supercar.

The people of Croatia must not have very high expectations when they hear the word 'preview', because taking the term literally from the first ever Croatian car manufacturer Rimac Automobili, preview conjures up a computer-generated design of a sheet draped over what could or could not possibly be a car or card table with a roulette wheel in the middle. As ridiculous as the preview shots are, the fully electric Concept One is anything but ridiculous under the sheet... hood.

The supercar features four electric motors that when combined put out 1,088hp and includes an absurd 2,800lb-ft of torque. The performance numbers on the Concept One are nothing to scoff at either. The 0-62mph time is a scant 2.8 seconds and overall top speed is governed at 190mph. As mentioned earlier, the car is fully electric with two liquid-cooled inverter units. There are two reduction transmissions for the front and rear drive systems which are independent of each other. 10 battery modules scattered throughout the Croatian car each store 92kWh.

The four electric motors are attached to each wheel and power them separately. Rimac's All Wheel Torque Vectoring is pretty much a thing of genius. AWTV means that different handling modes allow the driver quite a bit of options when on the road and when you combine that with each wheel's ability to accelerate or decelerate on its own, unprecedented levels of traction control and stability control are expected. Rimac Automobili will finally pull the covers off the Concept One when it debuts this September at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

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