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The new technology division will be free from the influence of any investors.

In anticipation of the upcoming Rimac Nevera, the Croatian company has announced that its technology division will now operate separately. The Rimac Group will now be incorporate Bugatti Rimac and Rimac Technology as standalone businesses, the latter of which will continue to expand its developments with various technologies for automotive manufacturers.

The institute will continue to focus on engineering, development, production, and supply of high-performance battery systems, electric drive units, electronic systems, and user interface components. Rimac already has an established reputation as a leading provider of advanced performance electrification technologies with several clients connected to its network, among them Koenigsegg.

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Its current affiliates also include Hyundai, Kia, Pininfarina, Aston Martin, and Porsche, which currently owns a stake in the company. Beyond these relations, Rimac says that additional niche projects are being worked on that are not known to the public. Looking forward, the division will be ramping up production and manufacturing capacity to tens of thousands of high-performance systems per year by 2024.

Furthermore, the business plans to increase volume on small hybrid battery systems and a full rolling chassis. It's also noted that Rimac Technologies will be operating free of oversight from any of these manufacturers. Investors in the Rimac Group business will also have no say in the direction of its projects but, at the same time, it will maintain confidentiality when it comes to said projects and adhere to the required costs, performance goals, and deadlines.

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CEO Mate Rimac will maintain his position for the Technology division. As of today, it employs 1,000 people who are based on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia. In 2023, the entire group will be relocated to new headquarters large enough to accommodate 2,500 people. This location will cover every aspect of The Rimac Group business such as the production of the Nevera and high-volume components for external auto manufacturers.

Currently, the Rimac Group is the majority shareholder in the recently formed Bugatti Rimac partnership with a 55% stake and, as mentioned, Porsche owns the remaining 45%. With a clearer focus, there's no telling what technological innovations the Croatian company will come up with next.

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