Rimac's New EV Hypercar Is Going To Be Beyond Belief

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And you thought the Concept_One was fast.

Here's the short and simple explanation as to what's about to happen here: "Why play by the rules when you can change the game." Those are the words from Croatian electric hypercar company Rimac, describing its upcoming debut. Set for an official unveiling at Geneva, the successor to the Rimac Concept_One, currently called Concept_Two internally (no clue yet whether the name will stick), will be even more powerful than the current car and will further boast all-new styling inside and out.

To give you a better idea as to output, the Concept_One produced 1,224 hp and it's literally blown everyone away who's driven it. In the case of Richard Hammond, well, you already know that story. Everybody does. The Concept_One was built in extremely limited production, a mere eight examples were built along with two track-only versions.

Rimac, as of now and we'll hopefully confirm this at Geneva in March, is planning a 100-car production run this time. The new car's range will also be greater than the 210-mile range of the Concept_One. Going by this teaser video, the new Rimac also appears to have more aggressive aero, such as an active rear spoiler and large rear diffuser. Pricing is still unknown, but if you have to ask then don't even bother trying to buy one. If the Concept_One cost around $1 million, then do the math. We'll be on hand at Geneva on March 6 for the big debut so stay tuned.


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