Rimac Thinks You Want a Fully Autonomous Electric Supercar

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Rimac is said to be planning fully autonomous functionality for its next electric supercar-the Concept Two.

Would you buy an all-electric supercar that can drive itself? Rimac thinks you would, so it's reprising its Concept One supercar by bringing autonomous features to its next moonshot-the tentatively named Concept Two. The all-electric supercar, due to arrive in Geneva this year, will outperform the Concept One and be more comfortable at the same time. However, as Tesla has yet again moved the yardstick with its forthcoming Roadster, Rimac has been forced to revise its strategy.

We had a chance to sample what Rimac had to offer with its Concept One at the Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb event. If that was any indication of what the Croatian builder of balls-out electric supercars plans to reveal in Geneva this year, you can bet the Concept Two will be the game-changer Rimac claims it to be. That train of thought is backed up by a report from Autocar. Speaking to a source close to the project, the British magazine learned the Concept Two will use a 120-kWh battery to better its predecessor's 210-mile range. It will also gain a full suite of high-tech self-driving gear, which is said to offer Level-4 autonomous capability.

That means the Concept Two will basically drive itself, so long as there is a driver behind present. When the Concept Two finally arrives in production form, it will cost in excess of $1.25 million. Rimac plans to build 100 copies of the next-generation model. Only eight individual Concept One models were built. An additional two track-only Concept S supercars should arrive sometime this year.

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