Ringbrothers Reveals First Chevy Blazer SEMA Build

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With 1,200 horsepower on tap, the K5 Chevy Blazer puts super trucks to shame.

Like everyone else in the automotive industry, the tuning shop Ringbrothers is at SEMA.

Previously, the firm announced it was bringing a host of new models to SEMA 2022. This Chevy Blazer build is one of them, and it has a 1,200-horsepower monster hidden under the hood. That power comes from a 6.8-liter LS3 V8 and a vast 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger.

More than 8,500 hours were poured into the Blazer, which the shop nicknamed the "Bully," presumably because it's out to bully other super trucks like the Bronco Raptor and Ram TRX.

Ringbrothers Ringbrothers Ringbrothers Ringbrothers

The car is painted in a shade called "Bashful Blue," a name which obviously contrasts this truck's character. Plenty of carbon fiber accents can also be found outside the car, including custom fender flares made of the lightweight material.

The reworking of the Rinbrothers' K5 Blazer body and its new flares allows for massive 325/65R18 Cooper Discoverer STT PRO tires to be fitted around 18x12-inch HRE wheels.

Ringbrothers don't go into great detail on the truly enormous powertrain, saying only that the engine is fitted with Holley fuel management, Motul fluids, and an exhaust and headers by Flowmaster. Power is sent through a Bowler Tru-Street automatic transmission.

Ringbrothers Ringbrothers Ringbrothers Ringbrothers

The chassis, however, is much more of a talking point. It's a totally custom unit built by Roadster Shop. Dana 44 front and Dana 60 rear axles help transmit all 1,200 horsepower to the ground, with the axles sitting on a four-link setup. At each corner sits a pair of Fox coil overs.

Just beneath these, massive Baer six-piston brakes should help slow things down when the Bully inevitably climbs past the legal limit. Speaking of, specific performance figures haven't been provided by Ringbrothers, but 1,200 hp is more than enough to get you in trouble rather quickly.

Ringbrothers Ringbrothers Ringbrothers Ringbrothers

The Bully is just as unique inside as it is outside, with fully custom upholstery handled by Upholstery Unlimited. The seats are made in-house and look a little like the poolside furniture at the neighborhood rec center circa 2002.

Many 3D-printed parts are bolted to the Blazer's body, and the three floating gauges house Dakota Digital instruments. These are sat just ahead of a carbon fiber steering wheel made by Ringbrothers.

Customers can customize their Blazers to their heart's content when these Bully models become available for order. Until the order books open, take solace in the fact that someone makes a 1,200-horsepower Blazer.

Ringbrothers Ringbrothers Ringbrothers Ringbrothers

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