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Ringo Starr Selling Facel Vega, Still Holding on To Yellow Submarine

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The perfect combination of beauty and power, this stunning example of the ultra-rare sixties classic was first bought by the drumming legend.

Two years after joining the band, drummer Ringo Starr was ready for a luxury car. So in 1964 he headed to the Earls Court Motor Show and bought this Facel Vega Facel II direct from the stand for £5,570, a huge chunk of change at the time. Ringo's grand tourer, with stunning body work penned by Jean Daninos and a 390-hp Chrysler Typhoon engine, was one of only two built with the larger 6.7-liter V8 and manual box, and one of only 26 right-hand-drive models.

Dubbed "the world's fastest four-seater" this particular model is heading to Bonhams auction in London on December 1. It's an extremely sought after car once owned by a living legend so estimates of £300,000 to £350,000 seem entirely plausible. The Franco-American classic was the perfect ride for the chart-topping rock star. We're not sure an equivalent match exists today, but that's more a reflection of the embarrassment that is the modern music scene than a problem with the car industry.

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