Rinspeed 'Backpack on Wheels' Dock+Go Concept for Geneva


Rinspeed has released an eccentric video showing their 'backpack on wheels' in action.

Swiss company Rinspeed will be bringing their new Dock+Go concept to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The rear-extension for compact electric cars (seen in the photos and videos on a smart fortwo EV) serves the purpose of acting like a 'backpack on wheels,' giving your eco-friendly form of transportation extra storage room. The demo photos and video seen here are meant to show off the flexibility and versatility of the Swiss design, as it can be used for purposes such as pizza delivery, DJ stand, skiing, camping, etc.

It also features a range-extending battery pack give you some extra mobility while out on your environmentally-friendly jaunt. The rear axle on the trailer also acts as a generator, able to charge to the EV's batteries from the movement of the wheels. The Rinspeed Dock+Go concept will make its debut on March 6th at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

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