Rinspeed Enjoys Time in the Sun Ahead of Geneva

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Swiss automaker, designer, and tuner Rinspeed has some big plans for the Geneva Motor Show next month. Taking place on its home turf, Rinspeed is hoping the event will be the perfect showcase for the official debut of their new creation, the BamBoo. Described as a grown-up golf-cart (their words, not ours) the BamBoo is a German-made small car that's powered by a 54-kW electric motor. It will reportedly have a top speed of 75 mph.

The battery is reportedly capable of a 65 mile range. These set of photos are from St. Tropez in the south of France as Rinspeed hopes to combine the "reminiscence of the Seventies...with a taste of beach and sand." \It is an interesting retro design that seems suitable for beach days with well-to-do owners, but Rinspeed is also quick to point out some modern enmities. The car is fitted with something called "Identiface," which is a screen-based developed by Daimler subsidiary MBtech.

It has internet connectivity that can "display occupants' Facebook pages and news from around the world." Full details are expected shortly at Geneva.

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