Rinspeed Founder Frank Rinderknecht's Porsche 911 Turbo is Fantastically Weird and Up for Sale

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It's like a tuning time capsule.

It would be difficult to deny that Porsche 911s fitted with Rinspeed's R69 are the most amazingly 1980s thing ever. The Ferrari Testarossa-style side strakes are the defining feature; a feature which Ferrari had a good reason to use but which were only fitted to other cars because cocaine. But this particular R69-equipped Porsche 930 is special, partly because the car is owned by the founder of Rinspeed, who must therefore have believed that the kit was a genuinely good idea.

But what's so exceptionally bizarre about the car is that, being a 1980 model, it had a chance to have a bit of leftover weirdness from the 1970s as well. The interior is decked out in the absolute height of 70s Porsche fashion, the "Tartan Dress" seat upholstery. This was actually a factory option, as was the slantnose body style. The car is now for sale by Specialist Cars of Malton, UK, for an undisclosed price. It has 67,000 miles on it, which is more than you'd expect from a car so completely trapped in time, but it has obviously been well taken care of, and is in excellent shape.

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