Rinspeed Rethinks Urban Transport with Micromax Concept

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As compact as a Mini but more than two meters high, this is how Rinspeed thinks we should be getting around.

Ever take one of those shuttle busses at the airport to get from the gate to the plane and think to yourself, why can't I get a car like this? Yeah, we didn't think so, but Frank Rinderknecht apparently did. The man behind Rinspeed brings a new concept to the Geneva Motor Show every year, and this March will be showcasing the design you see here. Called the Micromax, it looks more like a ski gondola than a car, but as with previous Rinspeed concepts, the idea is to push the boundaries of wheeled transportation.

The Micromax has the same footprint as a Mini, but stands much taller at seven feet high and offers more space. The creative packaging puts the driver and three passengers (plus baby) in a semi-standing position that should be familiar to anyone who's ridden a roller-coaster lately. That leaves plenty of space for a stroller or luggage and even a coffee maker and fridge, and lets lots of light in through its tall windows and glass roof. Propulsion, of course, is all-electric, although Rinspeed hasn't released details as to what that will entail. We'll look for more information as the Rinspeed prepares to unveil the Micromax in Geneva.

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