Rinspeed's Autonomous BMW i8 Is Coming To Geneva: Hopefully Its Drone Comes Too

A self-driving car with its own drone. Yup, this is the future.

When it comes to crazy concept cars, there’s Rinspeed and then everyone else. The Swiss tuning company and design house is known for looking forward into the future, to say the least. There was the Squba concept, which was basically a submarine, and the XchangE autonomous car with rotating front seats. All those pale in comparison to the Etos, the autonomous car (complete with drone) that’s modeled on the BMW i8. So far it only exists in promotional images, but that’ll change come Geneva.

That’s right, Rinspeed is set to steal the show by debuting its Etos concept car there. We’ve covered the Etos before so won’t get into its features too much here. Just know that its steering wheel can retract, there’s a drone pad on the back and that it packs eight exterior HD cameras. For all its tech the Etos still looks a lot like an i8, which isn’t a bad thing to us at all. Of course the car is a design study in the truest sense and has little to no chance of making production. That being said perhaps a deep-pocketed show attendee will commission a one-off. The Geneva Motor Show is in Switzerland, after all.

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