Rinspeed's Model S-Based XchangE is Only Slightly Nuts

And it one day may even see production.

At first glance this may look like a Tesla Model S with an odd paint job. And you’d be partially right. But upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly notice even more differences. Swiss-based design and engineering firm Rinspeed has just unveiled its XchangE autonomous car concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. So what are some of these changes? The steering wheel has now been moved to the center of the dash in order to maximize space.

But since this is an autonomous car, creature comforts are its biggest priority. These include a new Harmon interface that features four display screens throughout the cabin showing navigation, entertainment and other services. There’s even a 32-inch home cinema monitor in the rear. Rinspeed claims the XchangE is fully connected to Car-2-Car and Car-2-Object technologies. There’s even a custom communications platform and LTE high-speed data transfer. Along with a Plexiglass roof and 358 individually-controlled LEDs in the headliner and an additional 98 in the instrument panel, the XchangE doesn’t come across as production ready. It's definitely interesting, though.

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