Rinspeed's Newest Concept Is As Crazy As Its Name


Just look at the back of it!

Rinspeed is one of those companies that says it's going to make a crazy car of some sort and then actually builds it. Look at its strangely colored autonomous car based on the Tesla Model S and the equally funky Budii concept. And now, it just released another concept. Called the Etos, the autonomous vehicle will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It will have something reminiscent of this Renault's own quadrocopter, as well as a hybrid powertrain and even a landing pad for the drone at the rear of the car.


We don't have any power figures from the hybrid powertrain but Rinspeed reports that the car will have "special innovative surface finishes." Rinspeed also told TopGear that when the car is in autonomous mode, the steering wheel will completely fold away into the dashboard. Two curved windscreens also move closer to the occupants for a better view. But the question we want to ask is this: what does a drone with its own landing pad have to do with a car? What good will it do? Even though the only two photos we have of the Etos are drawings, we think it'll look great at the stand at the electronics show.

Source Credits: www.topgear.com

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