Rinspeed Snap Is A High-Tech Autonomous Box No-One Can Buy

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And that's a shame because this thing is pretty cool.

Rinspeed is no stranger to building some pretty wild concepts that never make it to make production. So it's no surprise that its latest creation, the Snap, is simply another design study, but an intriguing one. Set to make its debut this January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the previously previewed Snap is, essentially, a box and a chassis. Let's start with the latter. The chassis boasts a number of technologies, such as electric powertrain components.

But here's the thing: technology these days is progressing faster than ever and that chassis will soon be obsolete. No matter, because the body, or the box, can "Snap" on top of a next-generation chassis. Get it? This setup, according to Rinspeed, allows for the vehicle, as a whole, to remain state-of-the-art. Money and resources can be saved. The body can also be removed to allow the chassis to be utilized for additional purposes, such as a food truck or even shopping space. Maybe even a camper? The possibilities are endless. The body can easily be removed thanks to, in part, those little rollers on the edges of the wheels. Step inside and the Snap features plenty of configurable touchscreens.

Passengers are identified via sensors, such as an iris scanner. This makes it easier for passenger's music, web, and other destination selections to be rapidly displayed. And, of course, because this is Rinspeed, there are some quirky features, including an AI-driven robot that can run errands and even small boxes where mint and berries can be grown.

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