Rinspeed Unveils Tesla Model S-Based XchangE Autonomous Car

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The future of driving is here. You may not like it.

Previewed at the end of last year, Rinspeed's new XchangE concept has been revealed ahead of its unveiling in Geneva. The Swiss design and engineering firm's new project demonstrates the benefits of an autonomous car, using the Tesla Model S as its test vehicle. For Rinspeed, this means how the driver benefits from not having to stare at the road all the time. To maximize space, Rinspeed suggests moving the steering wheel to the center of the dash when not in use.

Airline-style reclining seats can replace conventional car seats, and in the XchangE there is a world record 20 levels of adjustment the driver can utilize to get his seating position just right while surfing the web, listening to tunes, playing games, watching movies, holding a four-man meeting or doing some work while brewing fresh coffee. Harman was tasked with creating a new interface that features four display screens around the cabin with functions for navigation, entertainment, assistance and services. A 32-inch monitor in the rear helps create a home cinema on wheels, while a main 1.2-meter wide display runs the length of the dash to provide pertinent information in wide screen.

The XchangE concept is fully connected to the outside world via Car-2-Car and Car-2-Object technology along with a custom communications platform and LTE high-speed data transfer. Style upgrades include a Plexiglass roof with a "radiant" surface finish that shimmers in the colors of the rainbow, there are 358 individually-controlled LEDs in the headliner and another 98 in the instrument panel, while the 20-inch Borbet alloys sport a "Reflectic" finish.

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