RIP: Ferrari 458 Italia

A CarBuzz reader has graciously sent us these heartwarming photos of a totaled Ferrari. It's never pleasant to see a car get into an accident, especially if that car just happens to be a Ferrari. These photos come from Northern Ireland, and as you can see, this Ferrari 458 Italia has had much better days, to say the least. The famed Italian sports car was completely wrecked all over when it apparently drove directly into the truck's rear bumper.

The hood looks like an open can of tuna and the inside looks like a crushed can of Coca-Cola, although the steering wheel looks miraculously intact. No word on the driver's condition or if there was a passenger. All we can say is that the 458 did not survive the collision. The Ferrari will most likely have its parts cremated in a chop shop somewhere in the world. Thanks for the photos, Paul.

UPDATE 6/26/2011: One of our CarBuzz readers from Northern Ireland has sent us an email update on what happened and the driver's condition. As it turns out, the driver had just picked up his new 458 Italia at the dealership and was on his way home when he suffered a massive stroke as he came to a roundabout and subsequently drove into the truck in front of him. The driver remains in critical condition and we send him our best for a speedy and full recovery. Thanks for the update David.

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