RIP Legend: Ford Kills Fiesta And Fiesta ST To Make Room For EV Production

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After 46 years of success, the Blue Oval has decided its time to put its small hatch into the pastures.

It truly is a sad day for B-segment loyalists worldwide as Ford has announced it will be discontinuing its massively popular Fiesta, including the ST, next year.

The factory space this decision clears up will be used for a new electric vehicle which will probably have the same ethos as the historic hatch but with a brand-new personality.

Since the moniker was introduced 46 years ago, it has sold an impressive 4.8 million units throughout the globe, which is a considerable feat. In the USA, this blow isn't felt as bad as it was discontinued from the market in 2019, which still hurt quite a bit. Over this period, there have been seven generations of the Fiesta, each of which has left a mark on its owners and helped the brand develop loyalty to its brand.

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All is not entirely lost for the segment as the Puma crossover, which sources its chassis from the Fiesta, hopes to fill the gap left by the Fiesta until a suitable electrified successor is introduced.

The electrification of the B-segment has been a typical move for many European manufacturers as they struggle with the increasing carbon taxes being implemented on products with the Euro 7 emission regulations.

These new rivals won't be too far off in size from the Chevrolet Bolt, but it is uncertain how many of them will be introduced into the USA at this point. The culling of models is not just exclusive to the European market. Local products such as the Edge are also being phased out to make way for electrified crossovers.

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Ford's aggressive EV strategy, which has its sights on the Tesla brand's global success, aims to bring electric cars to everyone across many segments. That said, don't be surprised if even more current Blue Oval badges get snubbed to make way for more futuristic and cleaner electric cars.

Based on the success of products like the Ford F-150 Lightning, it would be hard to justify the brand's strategy as there is a substantial market for electrified variants of existing body styles.

Those familiar with the Fiesta name might have been happy to upgrade to one with the ICE replaced with a battery pack, but we'll have to wait and see what Ford conjures up before we can completely stand by that assumption.

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