RIP: the Next RS4 is Another Lost V8

Should come with a 430-plus horsepower twin-turbo six.

As the era of screaming, thirsty, V8-powered cars continuesto ominously draw to a close, it now looks like the next generation Audi RS4will be another hearse in the 8-cylinder funeral convoy. According to Car andDriver, sources at Audi have confirmed the upcoming RS4 will do away withthe current generation’s 4.2-liter, 450 horsepower V8 engine. What willreplace it? Nothing is confirmed just yet, but Audi will likely shoot toout-power the BMW M3 and M4’s 430hp 3.0-liter straight six.

With a 3.0-liter turbo V6 in a selection of S cars, Audi islikely to add an additional turbocharger, upping power to compete with AMG andM competitors. If it does as well with its six-cylinder offering as it has donein the S4 and S5, the new RS4 should make enough power to keep enthusiastshappy, while combining sufficient fuel-efficiency and emissions ratings to keepthe European authorities satisfied. If the turbos are as good as the V8 theyreplace, the RS4 will continue to be a top pick for sleeper-car madness.

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