Risden Engineering Tunes the M6 Coupe

A new aftermarket tuning firm gets ready to launch its debut project, a highly modified BMW M6 coupe.

As it plans to launch its inaugural tuning project, Risden Engineering has chosen a vehicle that's already incredible in stock form, the BMW M6 Coupe. The challenge is to make it even better. Set for an official launch sometime in early 2013, the Risden 6R M6 coupe will reportedly come complete with a functional aero kit, a fully adjustable and stiffer suspension, roll cage and a stripped down interior for the goal of cutting overall weight. The aero kit in particular looks pretty solid judging by these initial photos.

We can clearly see those nifty double rear spoilers, one of which is fixed while the other is retractable. Without question the Risden 6R M6 has been designed as a track car for the street but we'll have to wait a few more months until its official performance specs are released. Until then, enjoy these early official photos.

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