'Risky Business' Porsche 928 Hitting the Auction Block

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"My name is Joel Goodson. I deal in human fulfillment. I grossed over eight thousand dollars in one night. Time of your life, huh kid?"

Believe it or not, there was a time when Tom Cruise was actually considered cool. Before playing Maverick in "Top Gun", leading the IMF team and turning into a talk-show couch-jumping lunatic, he starred in the 1983 flick "Risky Business". For those who didn't grow up in the 80s and never saw the movie, it was about a teenager whose parents leave town for the weekend, leaving the teen to his own fun-seeking devices. But instead of the (replica) Ferrari in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Risky Business" starred a Porsche.

Along with some unfortunate (nonsexual) encounters with a transvestite prostitute and Guido the Killer Pimp, Cruise's character Joel gets behind the wheel of his dad's Porsche 928. Due to a certain incident, the car ended up in Lake Michigan. Things worked out for the best in the end as Joel's entrepreneur skills were properly used (hint: his specialty was only legal in Vegas) and the Porsche was dried off before the folks came home. Now that 1979 Porsche 928 is going up for auction this July 28th. According to the auction house, the 928 has 102,755 miles on the odometer but haven't provided any other details regarding its overall condition.

The movie itself is considered to have helped to improve Porsche's sales in the eighties and now the car is a part of the Profiles in History's "Hollywood Treasure from the Vaults" sale. So if you're both a Porsche and Tom Cruise fan (don't be too proud), this 928 could be your dream buy. Who knows, after all, when you might have to outrun Guido the Killer Pimp in his Cadillac.

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