Rivian Has Another Surprise Coming To Fight Tesla

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Customers will certainly have zero complaints.

We recently learned that all-electric pickup truck and SUV automaker Rivian will begin production later this year. Full Rivian R1T truck production will get underway next December while the Rivian R1S SUV will follow three months later. Coincidentally (or not), the first Tesla Cybertruck customers are being promised their vehicles sometime in 2021 as well. In other words, in about a year's time, all-electric trucks will be on the road. But here's the thing about the Rivian R1T: it's not cheap.

Although final pricing has yet to be announced, the mid-range R1T will sell for about $69,000 and capable of driving 300 miles on a single charge. The Cybertruck, by comparison, will start off at $39,900 and offer 250 miles of range. Despite its controversial design, the Cybertruck appears to be more affordable. Or is it?

According to Reuters, Rivian founder R.J. Scaringe said at a company event this weekend that final R1T and R1S prices will be lower than previously stated.

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How much lower remains unknown, as does the reveal date itself. The mid-range Rivian truck and SUV cost an average of $70,000, thus placing them out of financial reach for a majority of interested buyers. Current Rivian customers were asked to place a $1,000 refundable deposit. The new question is how did Rivian somehow find a way to reduce prices, even if only by a few thousand dollars?

We wouldn't be surprised if the $3.6 billion raised from investors Amazon and Ford had something to do with it. A portion of that funding could be put towards lowering prices, something all customers will appreciate. We're unsure, however, whether the base Rivian R1T will be as low as around $40,000.

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Still, Tesla is a Rivian competitor and those who are offended by and/or outright despise the Cybertruck's design are going to want to shop elsewhere. They just may not be able to afford Rivian's prices.

There's also word a future Lincoln SUV will utilize Rivian's "skateboard" chassis, but this unnamed model will certainly be aimed at the luxury market. In the not too distant future, an all-electric Ford F-150 will launch but, again, its price tag remains a mystery.

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