Rivian R1T Could Destroy The Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6


If only someone would actually build it.

The Rivian R1T is pretty cool as it is. It'd be hard for even the most ardent combustion-lovin', coal-rollin' Luddites among us not to like a truck with over 700 horsepower's worth of electric motors, after all. But you know what'd be even cooler? A six-wheeled Rivian R1T.

That's just what the admins over at the Rivian Owners Forum have dreamt up for us here, visually extending the R1T's bed to accommodate a third axle, and adding a few more upgrades in the process. And the result looks every bit as cool as any other fantastical 6x6 we've seen to date.


Along with the extra set of wheels, the conceptual renderings include a custom bull bar (to protect the grille and headlights), a strip of auxiliary LEDs on the roof, and extended wheel arches housing beadlock wheels with off-road tires on a jacked-up suspension.

It's the sort of treatment that Mercedes famously applied to the G63 6x6, which itself has inspired many more since – both actual and theoretical. But instead of a big 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8, the Rivian would instead stick to electric propulsion. It's even envisioned to house an extra battery pack in its extended frame to provide the juice to help cope with the added mass.


Of course these are just renderings, with no suggestion that Rivian would actually build such a beast. But then there's no telling what a well-heeled and enthusiastic customer (or group of customers) could end up commissioning – either from the startup itself or from an aftermarket modifier. There have been a handful, after all, that have proven apt at creating such six-wheeled off-roaders, like Hennessey, Kahn, and Bureko. Whether any of those (or any other) might be inclined to mess with an electric powertrain, we couldn't say. But we can always dream.

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