Rivian R1T Gets New Snow Mode To Keep Drivers Safe This Winter

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Snow Mode combines a softened throttle response, a lower brake regeneration setting, and a fettled auto-hold function for safer driving in slippery conditions.

Rivian has rolled out a software update that includes a new Snow driving mode to help you traverse snow-covered roads with ease in both the R1S and R1T.

Engaging Snow mode enables R1T and R1S owners to safely navigate icy and snowy road conditions. This has been done by softening the throttle response for more relaxed acceleration. The new driving mode also places the vehicle in a 'Low' brake regeneration setting so as to limit wheel lock and slip. The auto-hold function has also been worked on for safer, more controlled stops on slippery roads.

Rivian is at pains to point out that this new driving mode is not meant for dashing through the snow at high speed. Instead, it's for safer on-road driving in severe weather conditions.


The company says owners are encouraged to use the new driving mode in appropriate weather conditions, especially when more control is required in snowy situations. Interestingly, if you're in Conserve, the vehicle will automatically switch to Snow mode if it can detect wheel slip and the outdoor temperature is 34 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

If you plan on using your Rivian to frolic about in the snow and ice, the automaker still recommends using the Off-Road All-Terrain drive mode for adventures off the beaten path.

Another wonderful update comes from new options to warm up your vehicle's interior on a chilly morning. The Rivian mobile app can now be used to defrost the windows and mirrors or even turn on the steering wheel and seat heating.


Like Tesla, Rivian is fond of rolling out frequent updates to improve new and existing vehicles. Earlier this year, the company previewed a new Camp Mode, that should make off-the-grid adventures better than ever before. Auto-leveling suspension enables the vehicle to level itself out on the uneven ground, while the car can be placed into a deep sleep to conserve energy.

The R1T recently received top marks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The electric pickup truck sailed through a series of crash tests and gained the Top Safety Pick+ Award - the organization's highest honor. In terms of production and keeping up with demand, it's been a tough year for Rivian. But the R1T and R1S are proving very popular at the moment.

However, the new R2 models have reportedly been delayed by a year, pushing them back to 2026.


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