Surgeon Uses Rivian R1T To Complete Vasectomy After Power Goes Out

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Of all the unique uses for an EV, this isn't the first one we would've thought of.

With larger batteries and vehicle-to-grid applications gaining momentum, electric cars are useful for a lot more than stupendous acceleration and emissions-free driving. Introducing the Rivian R1T, an electric truck that's excellent off-road, offers impressive range, and can power all the equipment needed to complete your scheduled vasectomy if the power goes out. What, what? Yes, you read that correctly.

Christopher Yang, a urologist practicing in Austin, Texas, had to take drastic steps when a power outage hit his clinic and nearly jeopardized a scheduled vasectomy, but thanks to the Rivian's handy power outlets, the procedure went down without a hitch.

Christopher Yang/Twitter Christopher Yang/Twitter

Now we know that the Rivian can do many things an ICE-powered truck can't, such as submerge itself deeply in water to launch boats, and we've previously witnessed its ability to revive juiced-out Teslas, but this move takes things to a whole different level. Yang had to take drastic measures when a client, who had already booked time off from work, arrived at his powerless clinic. Instead of canceling the appointment, Yang decided to hook his equipment up to his Rivian R1T truck.

"There was no lightbulb moment, but my staff and I were discussing whether to cancel the vasectomy due to the power outage," said Yang according to The Drive. "One of them jokingly mentioned that we should run it off of the Rivian. After more thought, it seemed that it would work. I discussed the risks [and] benefits with the patient, and he agreed to proceed."

2022 Rivian R1T Truck Frontal Aspect Rivian

Luckily for Yang and his soon-to-be tied-up patient, the Rivian has four power outlets, which means Yang could hook up his electrocautery machine and all the other necessary equipment needed to remove man's ability to have children. In another stroke of luck, Yang's parking lot was situated just close enough to his operating room window that he could run extension cords to the car. "It ended up working very well. I had a backup (nonpowered) source of cautery in case the electrocautery failed but did not have to use it," he continued.

2022 Rivian R1T Truck Charge Port Rivian

The Rivian's spec sheet would embarrass many modern-day muscle cars: with a grand total of 800 horsepower produced by four motors and an available 180 kWh battery, this truck has enough power to annihilate the manhood of countless men with a single charge and can supply 1.5 kW of power at 110 V AC (the same as your average wall socket). Rivian is currently expanding its charging network to cover over 600 remote sites by the end of next year, which means Yang will soon be able to offer vasectomies in some of America's greatest national parks. We'd like to see the Ford F-150 Lightning top that.

2022 Rivian R1T Truck Center Stack Rivian
Source Credits: The Drive

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