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Rivian's Electric Pickup More Versatile Than We Thought

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Rivian has unveiled a new R1T concept at the Overland Expo West in Arizona.

Rivian is one of the most exciting start-up companies to enter the auto industry in a long time. The US-based company has shown huge potential with its electric R1T pickup and R1S SUV. Both models boast some seriously impressive specs, including a range of over 400 miles, while four electric motors deliver a combined output of 754 hp and with 826 lb-ft of torque.

0-62 mph is reached in just three seconds, while 100 mph takes less than seven seconds. Rivian even caught the attention of Ford, which is teaming up with the EV start-up to build a new Tesla-rivalling electric pickup. Exciting times are clearly ahead for Rivian.

To demonstrate the R1T's versatility, Rivian recently revealed a new camping version of the electric pickup at the Overland Expo West in Arizona. This is the first time an electric vehicle has been shown at the overlanding event since it began ten years ago. "We've been coming to Overland for a few years now, learning from this community how they use their vehicles," said Rivian Creative Director Larry Parker. "Much of what we've learned from Overland attendees has gone into our product design."

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The R1T displayed at Overland West features a pull-out kitchen that slides out from the R1T's gear tunnel. It includes a custom stove for cooking at the campsite, a counter space, and storage for food. A tent with an access ladder has also been added to the bed. Since the R1T is a pure-electric pickup, the stove is powered by the onboard battery, which happens to be the largest automotive battery pack ever. Rivian says users can light their surroundings and cook using the R1T's power for over a week using only 11 percent of the range-topping 180 kWh battery pack. Turns out the Rivian R1T is more versatile than we thought.

For now, the camping version of the R1T is just a concept, but Rivian intends to sell the camp stove as an add-on after the truck goes on sale in 2020 according to TechCrunch.