Rivian's Mobile Service R1T Is Prepared For Just About Anything

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The automaker's mobile service unit has a tool to solve just about any problem.

If you're a Rivian owner who has recently encountered a problem - and doesn't live in a ridiculously isolated area - you may have come across one of the automaker's R1T service trucks.

YouTuber Zack Nelson (JerryRigEverything) recently experience an issue with his electric truck and was amazed at how well-equipped Rivian's mobile service unit is. While a technician got to work on the rear compressor, Nelson looked around the service truck, which is stocked with just about every possible piece of equipment. Gone is the rear bench, replaced with an array of tools, including a fire extinguisher, drills, and several cases containing more useful instruments.

The handy Gear Tunnel - which recently underwent a redesign - is also kitted out with a sliding tray containing more equipment.

2022-2023 Rivian R1T Truck Front-End View Rivian

On the driver's side, a large vehicle jack has been fitted within the Gear Tunnel. It's clear that Rivian has prepared for any potential disaster its customers may face, which is excellent to know when you've spent more than $70,000 on a truck or SUV.

The vehicle is also equipped with emergency lights on the windscreen that can be activated if the car assists another stranded vehicle on a busy roadside. Of course, this assistance extends to servicing and repairs, as we can see in the video above.

All owners have to do is book an appointment on the Rivian mobile app. Depending on the situation, the vehicle will either be dropped off at a specified location or visited by a mobile technician. Rivian service centers (seen below) are few and far between (black), but many more are popping up (yellow).


We can't spot any equipment that could be used for recharging a flat Rivian battery. Perhaps a generator of sorts is installed in the enclosed bed, which will explain why the rear bench and Gear Tunnel are filled with tools. These units could also be testing Rivian's bi-directional charging features, which will be introduced soon.

Interestingly, the tonneau cover seen here was a source of disappointment last year when waiting owners were told the powered version would no longer be offered for the foreseeable future. A new design was implemented for 2023, meaning customers may be able to select the desirable feature once again.

While customers may be infuriated by long vehicle delivery times, the automaker offers plenty of amenities once you take delivery. Instead of bundling features into a single package, Rivian has rejigged its services, including charging assistance, and now allows owners to pay for what they use instead of paying for things they don't find helpful.


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2022-2023 Rivian R1T Truck Front-End View

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