Rivian's Return Policy Way More Generous Than Tesla's

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Does Tesla even have such a policy?

Big things are happening for electric vehicle startup Rivian this summer. Deliveries of the Rivian R1T and R1S will get underway this summer as the company itself continues to attract big-name investors and expand its general operations, such as a charging network and a unique buying experience. Considering the least expensive R1T is still a hefty $75,000 or so (before the $7,500 federal tax credit), buyers should expect numerous perks. And now there's a new one.

Rivian recently announced on its official website an extremely generous return policy for both vehicles. Buyers will have up to 7 days or 1,000 miles to return their EV truck or SUV if they're not satisfied, no questions asked. To return a vehicle, customers can contact their personal "Rivian Guide" to get the process going.

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"If your vehicle does not meet your needs, you have 7 days or 1,000 miles to return it - whichever comes first. Certain terms and conditions will apply. Simply reach out to your Rivian Guide and start the return process," the website states. Rivian, whose investors include Ford and Amazon, is clearly 100 percent confident buyers won't be disappointed. We'll know that for sure in the coming few months.

But it also needs to be pointed out that Tesla, who's currently suing Rivian over allegations it illegally poached employees who then spilled the beans on some of the former's tech secrets, also once had a 7-day return policy.

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Last October, however, Tesla suddenly ended it without any notice or explanation. It was a very unusual move because Elon Musk previously praised it on Twitter, proudly stating no other automaker had such a generous approach. Rivian's battery warranty also exceeds what Tesla offers.

In other related Rivian delivery news, the company told Teslarati it has begun contacting preorder holders to begin preparing for their June deliveries.

"For owners in the United States and Canada, our focus will be delivering the R1T or R1S directly to your home for added convenience and comfort - you can ask a Rivian Delivery Specialist for a walkthrough of your new vehicle or explore on your own time through a guided digital orientation," customers have been told.

Front Angle View Rivian
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