RM Sotheby's To Host Exclusive Auction Ahead Of Las Vegas Grand Prix

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The auction will take place in Sin City at the prestigious Wynn Las Vegas Resort.

Esteemed auction house RM Sotheby's will present an exclusive auction on November 17, ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

In partnership with Wynn Las Vegas, the auction will take place at the prestigious resort's Awakening Theater, a 60-foot, 360-degree prismatic stage that hosts the world's best performers. RM Sotheby's says the auction will include the "world's ultimate luxuries," including fine timepieces, sports memorabilia, and collectible motorcars.

Unfortunately, RM Sotheby's has yet to share additional details about the auction, meaning we don't know which rare classics and supercars will pop up for sale. But seeing as the auction will take place before the Grand Prix on November 19, we're guessing it will attract a monied crowd of enthusiasts.

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President of RM Sotheby's, Bryon Madsen, says the auction is a must-see for Grand Prix fans. "The official auction of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix will bring together the worlds of automobiles, hospitality, and sports, showcasing the world's most coveted cars along with iconic memorabilia. It is poised to be the 'must-attend' motorsport and luxury event of the weekend, second only to the race itself."

Earlier this year, the auction house hosted a Le Mans-themed auction ahead of the 24-hour endurance race. The event included Le Mans racers from the past and present, with some vehicles selling for more than $1 million.

We expect the upcoming Las Vegas auction to purvey classic F1 racers, memorabilia, and maybe even related vehicles like safety cars. We will know for sure once the auction house releases more details. The auction house has said that, so far, the consignment includes an iconic Formula 1 car.

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RM Sotheby's has auctioned off Formula 1 racers on numerous occasions. Last year, Michael Schumacher's F2003-GA F1 car broke the world record when it sold for $14.87 million, the highest-ever amount paid for a Formula 1 car. This year, the auction house offered another of Schumacher's F1 cars for sale via its Sotheby's Sealed service.

In preparation for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the Wynn Hotel and Resort offers wealthy F1 fans an incredible $1 million experience for the weekend. The high-priced package includes an all-access pass for six people, invitations to the red carpet opening ceremony, and VIP access to Wynn's race-related events. Sadly, fans won't be able to meet any racers but will receive luxury transportation, a 5,829-square-foot luxury duplex, and other luxury activities.

For less than $1 million, you could purchase six Porsche 911s (one for yourself and your five friends), drive to Las Vegas, stay in a luxurious hotel, and watch the F1. We know what we'd do.

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