Drag Race

Road Killing Mini Bikes and a Nitrous Muscle Truck

A couple of Hot Rod-loving lunatics fix up an old Chevy pickup for the specific purpose of raising a little hell.

The lunatics over at Hot Road magazine are at it again. Previously, the fellas destroyed a Toyota Prius with a tank (which was awesome, by the way) along with a host of other shenanigans. Now the pair is back in their web series, Road Kill, for yet another borderline nutty project. Starting off with a pair of Honda Trail Mini bikes, the guys proceed to revitalize the long-neglected Muscle Truck project: a 1973 Chevy short bed pickup powered by a Corvette LS6 engine.

The thing barely works at first, and the idea is to take it to the strip, purposely get disqualified, and race the mini bikes instead. Yeah, it sounds like an awesome time. Check out the entire video below. It’s a bit over 20 minutes long but it’s worth it for the laughs.

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