Road Rage Reaches New Heights Down Under

Australian madman flies into a rage and onto the hood of an innocent driver, smashing the windscreen with his bare hands.

Incidents of road rage are becoming increasingly common, the levels of aggression reaching new levels, while dash-mounted cams are giving us unprecedented insight into the dark side of driving. This latest road rage attack comes from Australia, where former police officer Ken Olsen falls prey to a clearly unhinged fellow Aussie while taking a drive south of Brisbane. It's unclear why he was targeted by the perpetrator in the black ute, but what begins with a rear-end collision quickly gets out of hand.

Olsen tries for several minutes to evade the deranged motorist, who tries to run him off the road, cut him off and at one point even jumps on Olsen's car and breaks the windshield with his bare fists. Fortunately Olsen made it to safety, and the perpetrator is turning himself in to the police.

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