Road Rager In A Mustang Opens Fire On A Mother And Son In A C6 Corvette


What the hell is this guy's problem?!

A 44-year-old woman is in serious-critical condition after being shot during a bizarre road rage incident. Angela Christiano and her 25-year-old son were cruising down the highway in her yellow Corvette C6 when a man in a black Ford Mustang pulled up behind them. She motioned for the driver to pass her and as he was doing so he opened fire. Christiano was struck in the upper back but managed to drive off the road. The incident happened on October 12th in DeKalb County, Georgia, (near-ish Atlanta).

The suspect was last seen driving off on Mountain Industrial Boulevard. Police are still searching for the man and are asking witnesses to come forward. We oftentimes joke about road ragers who lose control but this incident is no laughing matter. Hopefully the police find the guy who did this soon and throw the book at him. Note that with the exception of the crime scene photo-the one with the yellow tape-all other photos are just of random yellow C6s and black Mustangs.

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