Road Rager Insists He’s Easy Going After Demanding Bare-Knuckle Fight

He's also a champion of woman's lib and a published poet.

The UK has a new hero, after Ronnie Pickering – a name you won’t forget after watching the following video – was caught on film in the midst of some serious road rage. The 54-year-old from Hull can be seen losing his temper with a moped rider big time. Screaming "Do you know who I am?" several times, while his docile girlfriend sits silently well aware who this maniac is, the motorcyclist continues to goad Pickering who eventually snaps. "I'll f--king show you then who I am!"

The video reveals the angry northerner challenging the motorcyclist to a “bare-knuckled fight” in the street, before the heated exchange comes to an end. Pickering has since apologized for his outburst, claiming to be “an easy-going guy” having a bad day.

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